An Air Emu airplane parked.

Air Emu is an international airline corporation in GTA 5. It is Australian-based. Like MyFly, it owns a fleet of Shamal airplanes, and it serves both commercial flights and private flights, all in budget prices. The player can have the option to buy stocks or invest the company in the website.

According to it's reputation, it was branded as a high-class airline which service everything in it's best quality during flights. Commercial flights, however, enjoys more first class service than private flights, due to common sense that no crew of 10 was going to totally serve one ignorant, wealthy bitch with stacks of counterfeit money in the briefcase.

It's flights were most likely based on both international and regional, but like MyFly, it sparingly perform flights, due to the fact that major airline corporations had pushed smaller airline companies off the grid with a bunch of Boeing 777s that was either going to disappear , or reappear inside an Israeli hangar at Tel Aviv for another false flag. Air Emu often parks their airplanes just like how MyFly did.

A notable incident that almost got it's reputation dropped was during the mission Caida Libre, where the ignorant Martin Madrazo called Micheal to shoot down an Air Emu private flight carrying Javier Madrazo in order to save his own ass from the blind court and recovered a few evidences in the briefcase proving that Martin was gay too. The downed flight crashed near Grapeseed.

In response to this, Air Emu had promised to never fly across Los Santos again, which was why now you will see their airplanes parked in Los Santos International Airport instead of flying.

Slogan Edit

"Take our birds whenever you want."


Logo of Air Emu and affects of transparency.

Trivia Edit

  • During the mission, there was two passengers in the private flight. While one was confirmed to be Javier, another was a lottery-struck manager of GTA 5.
  • Air Emu did kept their promise to never fly around Los Santos again. However, the player can fly Air Emu flights across Los Santos freely.
  • The perverted developers had actually put this slogan for the Air Emu, because "bird" can be "penis" too. In this case, it was a play on "Take our penises whenever you want" - Hinting that the developers are also gay.
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