Much butthurt, much defensive, much angered, much aggressive... A screenshot of a typical butthurt hardcore GTA fan.

Butthurt GTA fan is the typical hostile hardcore fan of GTA 5. They are the ones that goes butthurt and barking here and there when the game was criticized by others. They're very aggressive and easily angered. From Youtube channels we can see hardcore GTA fans playing mission walkthroughs thinking that they're pro, to the official GTA wikia that was largely formed up, contributed, edited, policed and protected by them wishing that it was in their own version.

Wikia Section

Their actions in the GTA wikia was far more aggressive than any other types. One simple edit on that wikia, even if it's not vandalism and are useful information, they will revert your edit too. When you edit an article that did not satisfy their version, they will revert too. Even worse, conspiracy theories and edits from new users are strictly reverted by them, as they always revert, to preserve their own version of GTA wikia. Their actions on the GTA wikia milked this wikia site where everything bad on GTA 5 will be posted here.

As sarcastic as this site is, we will be expecting butthurt GTA fans raging all over the comments in this wikia, or simply vandalize our page. For your information, we are also fully prepared for the upcoming wave of butthurt fans.

Youtube Section

Since GTA 5 was released first on gaming consoles, therefore when GTA 5 for PC was announced, they go all butthurt over this announcement flaming PC users, forgetting the fact that they are using a PC to comment. Even if they state that they used smartphones to comment, do remember the irony too, that smartphones are the improved, compacted, convenience-packed, more efficient version of PC. Take a look at the Windows phone, or simply the Nokia Lumia series.

Fans of GTA 5 are hostile by default, so they went all butthurt in the comment section, some even starting to make a flame war by dissing PC users. As such, the PC-Console gamer flame war had begun and the whole Youtube is shaking in tension because of these pests.


They often prefer the GTA wiki in their own favor, without completely understand the fact that wikia is for everyone to edit and contribute, and therefore their selfish actions milked this site down. They also loved to abuse the revert tool and blocking tool to keep their wiki in their own preference while lying that their end goal is to keep the wiki clean, in which their fan-level was so high they decide to shape their wikia in a form of Wikipedia-style.

Here's a few abuse using the revert-edit tool.


Good faith edit reverted by them.


Bureaucrat of the official GTA wiki, much that this person is a butthurt hardcore GTA fan that keeps reverting useful edits just to suit the wiki in his own cup of coffee.


Good faith edit reverted by them.

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