A Carbon RS in GTA 5, basically a covered-up version of the Akuma.

"Made from entirely carbon for the gay people, it was so eco-unfriendly that this motorcycle was being forced by the environmentalists to stop producing. As a result, it suffered major losses and the stock of these are reducing, as well as the prices kept bidding up. Quickly buy one today if you admit you're gay."


The Nagasaki Carbon RS is a motorcycle in GTA 5 designed for gay people, like the Akuma. However, it was pointed out that this motorcycle is an upgraded version of the Akuma, given that it also owns enhanced safety measures by design. This motorcycle, too, is for the gay people like Trevor. The only news about this motorcycle that made straight, normal people happy is that it's stock is almost out.

Design Edit

The developers consider this a brand new motorcycle even when it's already been obviously the upgraded version of the Akuma. It has a carbon board placed on the outsides of the motorcycle where you can normally see the engine. The front is also being protected by a windscreen. It is designed for the gay people to perform gay intercourse.

Despite designed for safety, it will still fly the player out if the motorcycle bumped lightly into something.

Performance Edit

Slower, shittier, or even more gay than the Akuma. Not worth bringing it to any race unless the player is homosexual. What made it worse is that it's exclusively featured in the Collector's Edition, along with the Hotknife, Atomic Blimp and other shitty vehicles.

Locations Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The vehicle cannot be re-painted. This must be the developer's "shitty token of appreciation" for butthurt hardcore GTA fans who bought the Collector's Edition.
  • The default color of this motorcycle is black, giving gay people a chance to perform gay intercourse during nighttime at a back alley without getting caught until a pervert came in with a torchlight.
  • If the player does not own the Collector's Edition, it will be listed as "Out Of Stock" because this motorcycle ceased it's production since it's made from shitty carbon and the majority who hates gay people.
  • There's a free pouch in the front of this vehicle for gay people to cum on.

    We don't know who's the gay nigga riding this, but we do know that this is the official ad for the Carbon RS.

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