The Nemisis in GTA 5.

"Clean, swag, speed, eco-friendly... If you are seeking for these elements in a motorcycle, the Nemesis is the one for you. Suited just for the ones who wanted to race on with something that looks sharply cool and speedy, it also reuses materials as part of the Go Green campaign. The only downside of this motorcycle is, that it's in a limited stock. So grab one now before any douchebags do!"


The Principe Nemesis is a super rare motorcycle featured in GTA 5. It has the highest speed in-game, and excels in braking and handling. The only thing about this motorcycle is that the player needs to worry about sore losers with their gay bike or idiotic douchebags with their Blazers, whom will blow this motorcycle off, since it reuses materials from unwanted vehicles.

Design Edit

The lazy developers love to steal designs entirely. For this case, it's the Ducati Hyperretard. But anyhow, what model can an unused vehicle's parts form is only this model, because the developers are American. It is designed for straight (or normal) people with a desire to have a polished motorcycle. The Nemesis's design offers the player a great variety of stunts to perform, given that it's design helps to protect the motorcycle's base during jump stunt, unless the stunt goes wrong or that the player is noob at stunting.

Performance Edit

This motorcycle has decent speed and fairly good handling. It handles surprisingly well off-road. And this is why it is super rare. It is a pity that this motorcycle can not be selected during any race, the one equivalent to this motorcyclke is the Bati 801. This motorcycle is able to make sharp 90-degree turns around streets.

Locations Edit

  • In Vinewood. Hard to find anyhow.
  • By hacking the game.

Trivia Edit

  • The Nemesis is notable for being extremely rare.
    • One developer suggested this idea of having the Nemesis being rare.
  • The player can store a Nemesis in the garage during Invite-Only sessions, because the session features only the player and no one else to destroy it.
  • The small front features nothing other than a compact windscreen, making the player prone to snipes and possibly having the Nemesis stolen.
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